About Us

Chris Higgins and Adam Cornelius in New York City
Chris Higgins and Adam Cornelius freezing in New York City.

Hello shibes! We are the dudes who filmed the NYC Doge party a few months back. We've continued to shoot and are working towards a larger documentary on the world of cryptocurrency. We are going to tell the story of the people and communities surrounding a few different altcoins, among which the Doge community will be the most prominently featured!

So much awesome stuff is happening in Doge, and nothing is more exciting than the upcoming Nascar race. In our view, this is a must-film. We plan on interviewing all the Doge fans that show up, some of the folks from Moolah who will be right in the pit, and of course the driver himself, Josh Wise. This is simply an amazing chance to capture the Dogecoin phenomenon in an unusual real-world setting.

We are launching a Kickstarter at the end of the month, but in the meantime we are short on funding. We've decided to reach out to the Dogecoin community to raise the funds. Just 3.5 million Doge (around 2,200 USD) is all it will take to get our two man film crew to Talledega for the big race.

If we can raise the funds here, we will bust our tails to make the best document of the event possible, while taking another huge step towards capturing this crazy Dogecoin saga. And when we're back in Portland we'll crank out a roughcut ASAP for you all to see.

Thanks again, and be sure to let us know if you are going to be at the race!

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Here's a roughcut of the NYC Doge party, in case you haven't seen it:

Contact the Filmmakers: info@dogemovie.com