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Film Josh Wise's DogeDrive

Send a film crew to Talladega to document Josh Wise's historic Doge-fueled race.

UPDATE: We are fully funded!

The generous folks at Moolah sent an extraordinarily generous tip, and our goal has been met! Huge thanks to Moolah, and the entire Dogecoin community for helping us document this historic occasion. See you in Talladega. -Adam Cornelius & Chris Higgins. (We have left the remainder of the site below for historical context.)


Here's what we shot in Talladega:

We are also raising funds on Kickstarter for a full-length documentary about cryptocurrencies, with a heavy focus on Dogecoin.

Hello shibes! We are the crew who filmed the NYC Dogeparty a few months back. We've continued to shoot and are working towards a larger documentary on the world of cryptocurrency. We are going to tell the story of the people and communities surrounding a few different altcoins, among which the Dogecoin community will be the most prominently featured.

Right now, we need your help to get us to Talladega for this once-in-a-lifetime event, to capture pro-quality footage of Josh Wise and his race to the moon.

Talladega Fundraiser SUCCESS!

The awesome folks at Moolah pushed our fundraiser over the top, with the help of 133 community members from Reddit. Thank you, and see you in Talladega!

Goal: 3,500,000 DOGE

Donated: 3,500,850 DOGE ( 100.024%)

Dogecoin address: DRA2eSatmLkHQZWDrayFmw1yVnrYdicCzz

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